print your heart out.

The great thing about printmaking is there’s a million ways to do it. Here’s 25/1,000,000!

You can use anything that will make an imprint.. potatoes, apples, a paper plate with glue on it, or just a regular linocut.

This is the first part of a two part collaboration – keep that in mind while you’re creating your print.

Video explanations of a few techniques!

Kiki Smith

If you like this work, check out her other stuff. She has been working since the 80s. Smith’s subject matter includes sex, birth, and mortality and that is just the surface of what subject matter she tackles.

Jewel (set of three), Aquatint and etching on paper, 14″ x 17″, 2004

Jasmine Dwyer

Her work is my jam! She’s a screen printer but also uses other media.

Jasmin Dwyer

Screen Print 4 Ways
2 (1).jpg
Oversized Botanical Screen Print

Tetsuo Aoki

Simple, wonderful.

Tetsuo Aoki

Andy Warhol

Obvi. Not much to say about his screen prints at this point.

Carrie Lingscheit

WHAT!? The fact that these are prints is incredible to me.

Carrie Lingscheit


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